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Influencing: Persuasive Skills to Get to “Yes”

Spotlight on...

Spotlight on…

We all “sell” all the time – it’s just, we usually only think of it as “selling” if money changes hands.  Come to think of it, anyone who wants to influence someone else is in the business of selling for example, a leader in a corporate environment who wants to motivate others in a meeting to a certain course of action, a manager in the Fire & Rescue Service who needs to make a case to the boss, or an individual in the customer service “front line” who needs to placate or persuade the client.

So what are the core skill sets? Well the good news is that there are basically only two: putting your case together in a clear, organised and reasoned way, then expressing yourself persuasively so as to convince the other person (or people) that it’s a good idea. Of course, there are many techniques that go into each of these two basic skill sets, but these are the main considerations.

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