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Can you Teach me Confidence?

Presentation SkillsThis is the most frequent request of learners on Presentation Skills courses and Trainer Training courses – and on plenty of other interpersonal skills programmes as well.  Sometimes people call it “presence” or “self assurance”. Basically, it’s “when I stand up in front of others, can you teach me how to feel and how to project confidence?”

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Transferring Learning from the Training Room to the Workplace…..What makes this happen?

transfer learning

transfer learning

The major predictor of how well learning gets transferred into the workplace is the attitude of the learner’s boss” (T.T. Baldwin and J.K. Ford, Personnel Psychology)

However good the course, however effective the trainer, however keen the learner, if the boss is not ACTIVELY supporting both the learning and the transfer, then getting new skills applied in practice will be an uphill struggle.

So what can or should the line manager be doing – before, during, and after the course – to make the most of the training “spend”, and promote transfer of learning to the workplace, which is where it starts to pay back dividends?

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Margot’s trip to India for AB Mauri Training Course

MLR Director, Margot McCleary, has this week travelled to Bangalore, India to deliver a tailored three-day Selling Skills course for one of our key client in the baking ingredients industry.

This course has already proven successful in China, Spain, Portugal, the Netherlands, France, USA, Australia, South America and the UK.
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Clocking up Air Miles in the World of Business Management Training

MLR Directors, Margot and Michelle, have spent the past few years clocking up their air miles by travelling to some fantastic places including India, China, the Netherlands, USA, Spain and Portugal. Two of MLR’s linguistic trainers, Alain and Fernanda, have also done their fair share of travelling to Brazil, Portugal, France and Spain to run different MLR training programmes. Continue reading