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“Trouble Shooting” for Wobbly New Year Resolutions

management training

management training

Now February is here, are your best intentions starting to crumble at the edges? Is your New Year determination disappearing and your motivation beginning to melt?

Revisit and re-boot your Resolutions using our 6 easy-fix tips below:

1. Did you make your goal specific?
A target of “improving my interpersonal skills” is vague – it’s hard to know where to start. More useful, for instance, might be “to start conversations with three new people each week”.

2. Is your goal achievable enough to be motivating?
Success is a real boost to keep you working at your resolution. An over-ambitious goal soon seems daunting or impossible and you are tempted to give up. If your ultimate goal is indeed ambitious and therefore long-term (3 months or more), break it down into separate milestones to achieve by the end of each month. Each milestone should be specific as above!

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