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Do Meetings Need an Independent Chair?

Fire Service Training

Fire Service Training

The purpose of a meeting will always be to arrive at some mutual conclusion which can be most efficiently achieved by discussing, debating and deciding the outcome together.  Otherwise, why have a meeting?

It follows then, that whoever is leading the discussion, debate and decision-making has a responsibility for ensuring fair and open coverage of everyone’s views and all available information.  This means the leader must certainly behave impartially, whatever his/her personal opinions are on the subject.

Not always easy.  And it can be tempting for a senior, influential Chair to allow their own views (consciously or unconsciously) to dominate.  In some situations, you might genuinely believe this is the “right” thing to do. How do I fairly chair a balanced discussion when I already have a strong preconceived commitment to a definite outcome?

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Top Ten Tips for Efficient and Effective Meetings

Top 10 Tips

Top 10 Tips

A meeting is more like a racing yacht than a cruise ship.  Every crew member has a critical part to play, and there are no passengers

Do you find yourself spending a lot of time in meetings?  Do you want to make all your meetings tight, timely and cost effective?  If the answer to either of these is ‘yes’, then follow the tips below!

1.    Get together a useful agenda

  • State the start and finish time of the meeting
  • Write a sentence for each item stating the intended outcome of the discussion, e.g. Cost of Sales: following Nick’s presentation of the third quarter’s figures, we will agree plans and actions to reduce cost of sales by 5% in Q4
  • Allocate and publish timeslot for each agenda item
  • Avoid churning out a “standard” agenda, and ban “a.o.b.”
  • Issue the agenda (if you are not the chair, ask for it) 3-5 days before the meeting, along with any other documents you want people to study in advance

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Would you rather work for a man or woman?

menvswomenAn article from the Huffington Post (19th April 2013) suggests that “Feminine Values are the Operating Systems of the 21st century”. At MLR, this got us thinking – do men and women really have different management styles, or is this a myth?

In a review of the book “The Athena Doctrine:  How Women (and the Men who Think Like Them) Will Rule the Future” (John Gerzema and Michael d’Antonio), the articles asks whether traditional macho approaches to management (dominant, strong arrogant, ambitious) are outdated, and no longer effective in the modern business world.  In other words “The Apprentice” may be entertaining but would not be a realistic model for today’s young managers.

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Your Personal Influencing Style: Mini Quiz!

quizEach of us has a preferred influencing style – whether we want to persuade someone else, or whether we are on the receiving end whilst the other person makes their case to us.

Whatever the content of the argument, the way it’s put across – the style – can be influential too.  Try this mini quiz:-

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Summer 2013 offer for UK Fire Service

Fire training offer

We want to help our Fire Service customers get real value out of their training investment and to make every penny count where government spending cuts are concerned.

Which is why if you book any 2 days of training (any topic of your choice) to run between 15th July and 15th September 2013, we will give you, completely FREE* of charge, one of the following:

“NLP: Robust Techniques for the Business World”
(A half day seminar for upto 12 participants)


“Dealing with Difficult People at Work”
(A half day seminar for upto 12 participants)


Executive Coaching
(Half day – 2 sessions of 1½ hours per person)

You can take advantage of this offer within the specified period as many times as you like.
MLR Business Consultants Ltd, preferred suppliers of Management & Leadership Training to the UK Fire & Rescue Service (South East Region) are pleased to make this special offer to kick start your summer training schedule, and at the same time allow you to sample for FREE some of our Coaching and Training products that maybe you haven’t tried so far.

For more information see the Learning Zones on our website or contact us here.

*the free half day must take place in the afternoon immediately preceding, or in the morning immediately following a day of booked training, delivered within the specified period, 15th July to 15th September 2013

Margot’s trip to China to deliver Selling Skills training course

MLR Director, Margot McCleary, undertook a couple of trips to Shanghai, China earlier this year to train local trainers in delivering a three-day Selling Skills course for a key client.

Margot and four of the client’s bilingual facilitators worked with 24 participants to train them in the required sales techniques. The main sessions were delivered by Margot in English but with simultaneous translation in place. This was a new experience for Margot and, although challenging at times, this type of work deems very rewarding. Many of the exercises and activities were set up and conducted by the facilitators.
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MLR Business Consultants Appoints New Office Manager

We are pleased to announce that we have recently appointed Nicola Stanaway as our new Office Manager to help run the operational hub of the business.  With an increase in new contracts this year, we need to maintain good, solid foundations within our processes and Nicola has been bought on board to ensure we are working as efficiently and effectively as possible. Continue reading