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How to have an efficient and effective meeting; saving time and money

MLR’s Training Director, Margot McCleary, discusses three main areas for having efficient and effective business meetings, looking at how to prepare for a meeting if you are either the chairperson or the attendee, how to keep meetings in control during the event and how to ensure to get the most out of your meetings at the end.

Do Meetings Need an Independent Chair?

Fire Service Training

Fire Service Training

The purpose of a meeting will always be to arrive at some mutual conclusion which can be most efficiently achieved by discussing, debating and deciding the outcome together.  Otherwise, why have a meeting?

It follows then, that whoever is leading the discussion, debate and decision-making has a responsibility for ensuring fair and open coverage of everyone’s views and all available information.  This means the leader must certainly behave impartially, whatever his/her personal opinions are on the subject.

Not always easy.  And it can be tempting for a senior, influential Chair to allow their own views (consciously or unconsciously) to dominate.  In some situations, you might genuinely believe this is the “right” thing to do. How do I fairly chair a balanced discussion when I already have a strong preconceived commitment to a definite outcome?

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