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How to make the most of Performance Management: 5 FAQs

Performance Management

How to make the most of Performance Management

Video: How to make the most of Performance Management: 5 FAQs

This video asks five frequently asked questions around performance management and MLR’s Training Director, Margot McCleary, offers viewers some valuable advice.

Video in summary:
1)    What is the difference between appraisals and performance management?

Appraisals are like snapshots that summarise employees’ performance over a given time period. Performance management is best described using a 5 step process:
•    Clarify role and performance standards – make expectations of the role clear
•    Assess performance – does the employee’s performance exceed, meet or fall short of expectations?
•    Review performance – conduct a mutual conversation with the employee to review performance
•    Set performance objectives/goals – work with the employee to set performance targets for the following year
•    Plan development – with the employee, plan with them how they will meet their objectives

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The Joy of Business Management Training (or not!)

Business management training brings many pleasures and satisfactions, as well as the occasional challenge or frustration, as any trainer will know.  One of the most energising aspects of being a trainer, perhaps, is the ever-present possibility of surprise – which never diminishes however long you’ve been doing the job.

On a recent Presentations Skills course in India, Margot was running a light-hearted preliminary exercise, “My Worst Business Moment”, in which each delegate delivers a one minute talk, using a personal anecdote to “lift” the presentation and entertain the audience. Continue reading