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The Joy of Business Management Training (or not!)

Business management training brings many pleasures and satisfactions, as well as the occasional challenge or frustration, as any trainer will know.  One of the most energising aspects of being a trainer, perhaps, is the ever-present possibility of surprise – which never diminishes however long you’ve been doing the job.

On a recent Presentations Skills course in India, Margot was running a light-hearted preliminary exercise, “My Worst Business Moment”, in which each delegate delivers a one minute talk, using a personal anecdote to “lift” the presentation and entertain the audience. Continue reading

Margot’s trip to China to deliver Selling Skills training course

MLR Director, Margot McCleary, undertook a couple of trips to Shanghai, China earlier this year to train local trainers in delivering a three-day Selling Skills course for a key client.

Margot and four of the client’s bilingual facilitators worked with 24 participants to train them in the required sales techniques. The main sessions were delivered by Margot in English but with simultaneous translation in place. This was a new experience for Margot and, although challenging at times, this type of work deems very rewarding. Many of the exercises and activities were set up and conducted by the facilitators.
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Margot’s trip to India for AB Mauri Training Course

MLR Director, Margot McCleary, has this week travelled to Bangalore, India to deliver a tailored three-day Selling Skills course for one of our key client in the baking ingredients industry.

This course has already proven successful in China, Spain, Portugal, the Netherlands, France, USA, Australia, South America and the UK.
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Clocking up Air Miles in the World of Business Management Training

MLR Directors, Margot and Michelle, have spent the past few years clocking up their air miles by travelling to some fantastic places including India, China, the Netherlands, USA, Spain and Portugal. Two of MLR’s linguistic trainers, Alain and Fernanda, have also done their fair share of travelling to Brazil, Portugal, France and Spain to run different MLR training programmes. Continue reading