MLR Training Videos

How to have an efficient and effective meeting; saving time and money

MLR’s Training Director, Margot McCleary, discusses three main areas for having efficient and effective business meetings, looking at how to prepare for a meeting if you are either the chairperson or the attendee, how to keep meetings in control during the event and how to ensure to get the most out of your meetings at the end.

The recipe for a successful sale

MLR Training Director, Margot McCleary, discusses the art of selling and the recipe for successful sales, particularly focusing on CREDO.

Influence: Well Chosen Words

How to make the most of your money from management training

MLR Training Director, Margot McCleary, is interviewed on how to get best value for money from business management training. She discusses what’s important which choosing training and how best to choose it. How to get delegates engaged with training and how to properly brief and debrief delegates.

How to achieve your goals through well-formed outcomes

MLR’s Margot McCleary giving you advice on how to achieve your goals. Whether it’s in terms of meeting outcomes, appraisals or disciplinaries, thinking in terms of setting ‘well-formed outcomes’ will lead you on a road to success.

How to make the most of Performance Management: 5 FAQs

Margot McCleary of MLR Business Consultants Ltd answers 5 frequently asked questions on performance management and offers advice to both employees and employers. For more information about leadership and business management training visit

How to develop your internal business training resource and save money

MLR Business Management Consultants’, Margot McCleary, discusses how you can save money on business management training by developing your internal resource.

Videos taken from the MLR Training YouTube Channel.