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Spotlight on “Train the Trainer”

Spotlight on...

Spotlight on…

More and more organisations are looking to bring training back in house – it’s potentially a major “money saver” when finance is tight and budgets are trimmed back. If this is a move your own organisation is considering, you’ll want to be sure your internal trainers have all the skills and confidence to do a great job!

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Would you rather work for a man or woman?

menvswomenAn article from the Huffington Post (19th April 2013) suggests that “Feminine Values are the Operating Systems of the 21st century”. At MLR, this got us thinking – do men and women really have different management styles, or is this a myth?

In a review of the book “The Athena Doctrine:  How Women (and the Men who Think Like Them) Will Rule the Future” (John Gerzema and Michael d’Antonio), the articles asks whether traditional macho approaches to management (dominant, strong arrogant, ambitious) are outdated, and no longer effective in the modern business world.  In other words “The Apprentice” may be entertaining but would not be a realistic model for today’s young managers.

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Transferring Learning from the Training Room to the Workplace…..What makes this happen?

transfer learning

transfer learning

The major predictor of how well learning gets transferred into the workplace is the attitude of the learner’s boss” (T.T. Baldwin and J.K. Ford, Personnel Psychology)

However good the course, however effective the trainer, however keen the learner, if the boss is not ACTIVELY supporting both the learning and the transfer, then getting new skills applied in practice will be an uphill struggle.

So what can or should the line manager be doing – before, during, and after the course – to make the most of the training “spend”, and promote transfer of learning to the workplace, which is where it starts to pay back dividends?

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Why role-play is vital in Fire Service training

Fire service training

Fire service training

We were fascinated to read in The Times (Friday 22nd February 2013) that Avon Fire & Rescue Service was using Dominic, a 200lb pig, to train its fire fighters in how to handle escaped or trapped animals.

We are preferred suppliers of Management and Leadership Training to the South East Region of the Fire & Rescue Service. And while we have never used a pig in our training programmes, we understand the value of using a live “role-player” in training exercises.

It’s always a wonderful idea to use mock up situations and role-play as tools for learning. Training in practical skills – whether that’s rescuing animals or handling a disciplinary interview – should always simulate the ‘real-life’ situation as closely as possible.

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Margot’s trip to China to deliver Selling Skills training course

MLR Director, Margot McCleary, undertook a couple of trips to Shanghai, China earlier this year to train local trainers in delivering a three-day Selling Skills course for a key client.

Margot and four of the client’s bilingual facilitators worked with 24 participants to train them in the required sales techniques. The main sessions were delivered by Margot in English but with simultaneous translation in place. This was a new experience for Margot and, although challenging at times, this type of work deems very rewarding. Many of the exercises and activities were set up and conducted by the facilitators.
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Margot’s trip to India for AB Mauri Training Course

MLR Director, Margot McCleary, has this week travelled to Bangalore, India to deliver a tailored three-day Selling Skills course for one of our key client in the baking ingredients industry.

This course has already proven successful in China, Spain, Portugal, the Netherlands, France, USA, Australia, South America and the UK.
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Clocking up Air Miles in the World of Business Management Training

MLR Directors, Margot and Michelle, have spent the past few years clocking up their air miles by travelling to some fantastic places including India, China, the Netherlands, USA, Spain and Portugal. Two of MLR’s linguistic trainers, Alain and Fernanda, have also done their fair share of travelling to Brazil, Portugal, France and Spain to run different MLR training programmes. Continue reading