Spotlight on “Train the Trainer”

Spotlight on...

Spotlight on…

More and more organisations are looking to bring training back in house – it’s potentially a major “money saver” when finance is tight and budgets are trimmed back. If this is a move your own organisation is considering, you’ll want to be sure your internal trainers have all the skills and confidence to do a great job!

At MLR we offer a range of courses designed for instructors and trainers, from those newly appointed to those needing to refresh or upskill their repertoire. You can find details on our Training Learning Zone.

Line managers/supervisors with some responsibility for instructing others, and those new to training responsibilities will all gain a thorough grounding in how to prepare and deliver sessions in our “Introduction to Training and Instruction”.  Alternatively, for those trainers who recognise the value of further creative approaches to devising and delivering sessions and programmes designed to engage and motivate learners, our standard four-day “Train the Trainer” is invaluable.

In recent years, our most popular training skills programme is our six-day (3×2 day modules) “Advanced Training Skills”. The event is aimed at supporting experienced trainers “who would welcome the opportunity to explore new training approaches which add energy and interest to learning sessions, enliven “dry” or “heavy” material, and engage the attention and participation of learning groups.

This programme has recently concluded with one of our major clients in the South East, where participants and their managers are all confident that their in-house training delivery will now be considerably enhanced.

So if, like many organisations, you’re looking to maintain learning and development but with less in the piggy bank, considering developing the training skills of the line managers and instructors already on board.  It could prove well worth the investment!

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