MLR supports Networking Women in the Fire Service at Regional Development Day.



MLR have recently appeared as voluntary guest speakers at a Motivational Development Day for the South East Region of the Networking Women in the Fire Service (NWFS)*. This was hosted at The Fire Fighters Charity in Littlehampton.  The day consisted of four inspirational, highly practical and participative workshops, focusing on real-life application of motivational techniques in the work place.

Two Workshops ran concurrently in the morning, with two further Workshops in the afternoon, so delegates could each choose a preferred topic to attend in the morning session, and another one after lunch. Many people reported feeling “spoilt for choice” and wished they could attend all four!

Michelle ran the morning Workshop, “Personal Goal Setting: decide what you want and go for it!” Whilst we have all experienced the frustration and disappointment of failed goals and hopes that come to nothing, in this Workshop, delegates learned and practised a “watertight” system for establishing objectives for themselves and for others. Goals set using the “PESEO” approach result in an unprecented level of successful achievement. And there is a built-in mechanism for recognising in good time if the goal starts to wobble, and needs to be re-set or adjusted.

Meanwhile, Margot, was addressing “Motivating Myself and the Team: you have all the resources you need!” In these days of restricted budgets, slimmed down staff numbers, and what seems like never enough time, it is easy for team members to slip into despondency and a feeling that no one understands our concerns or values our contribution. In a short space of time, Margot demonstrated how we can learn how to “tune in” to what makes another person tick, what really matters to them and why. Delegates learned simple techniques of empathising, recognising and flexing through the language they choose, in order to establish a deep level of motivational rapport with the individuals they work with day to day.

After lunch, delegates moved into their second selected Workshop of the day. This time, Michelle presented “Confidence in my Leadership Role: feeling it; projecting it!” In a lively discussion of important leadership characteristics, delegates soon agreed that Confidence was something every effective leader needs to project – but how? Especially if you are new to the role, uncomfortable with the circumstances, or if you have a difficult message to deliver. A light hearted game called “Truths, Lies and Secrets” demonstrated (in a fun way!) that lack of confidence on the inside is practically impossible to hide on the outside. Your body language gives you away! So Michelle went on to share the invaluable technique of “Anchoring”- a way to ensure you can access that inner conviction of personal confidence just when you need it and want it.

Margot’s afternoon session was, “Empowering Thinking: eliminate what holds you back!”. Continuing the theme of confidence, delegates explored how important unconscious beliefs can be in the ambitions we develop for ourselves, and whether we achieve them. Workshop participants learned a straightforward, six-step technique for recognising and pinpointing a self-limiting belief, and replacing it with something liberating and empowering, yet still realistic rather than daunting.

All events were extremely well received, leaving participants enthused, eager to go back and practise, and hungry for more.

All these techniques, together with dozens more tools for releasing and optimising your own potential and that of your team members, are learned and practised in the MLR programme, “NLP Business Practitioner”, starting in January 2014.

*Networking Women in the Fire Service (NWFS) is a voluntary, not for profit organisation that has been established since 1993. It’s members come from all roles within the Fire & Rescue Service (FRS), both uniformed and non-uniformed.

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