NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) represents a practical toolkit for making goal setting, planning, decision-making, and all kinds of communication at work, stunningly more effective. Introduced to the UK from the States more than 25 years ago, much of the British business world thought of NLP initially as a bit “left field”, perhaps not very relevant to the operation of industry and commerce, or to the way people conduct themselves at work on an everyday basis.

They couldn’t have been more wrong. In many organisations, sales directors and sales managers were the first to recognise the potential of NLP for raising their game. Now, NLP is accepted as a fast-track skillset to help all functions of any business achieve more of what they want – ethically, and cost effectively.

Because NLP is practical and not just theory, you get a much better idea of how it can benefit you and your business, if you attend a short, “hands on” introductory seminar. Online information or books on the subject cannot really give you the same insight or flavour. Many organisations offer an “Introduction to NLP” as a taster, allowing you to consider whether to progress to a full “NLP Practitioner” programme after that, or perhaps to a “NLP Business Practitioner” course which is usually shorter and more focussed.

Whether you want to upskill your salespeople, enhance business performance, develop management or coaching skills, or generally improve communication in your organisation, NLP will prove an invaluable set of tools.

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