The Joy of Business Management Training (or not!)

Business management training brings many pleasures and satisfactions, as well as the occasional challenge or frustration, as any trainer will know.  One of the most energising aspects of being a trainer, perhaps, is the ever-present possibility of surprise – which never diminishes however long you’ve been doing the job.

On a recent Presentations Skills course in India, Margot was running a light-hearted preliminary exercise, “My Worst Business Moment”, in which each delegate delivers a one minute talk, using a personal anecdote to “lift” the presentation and entertain the audience.

Margot reviewed the exercise as usual, highlighting techniques for gaining audience attention, using humour and delivering with impact, when suddenly………. a giant cockroach emerged from under the flipchart stand, and scuttled across her sandaled (but otherwise naked) foot!

Much to the amusement of the group, Margot shrieked out in fear and disbelief. Once composed again, Margot obviously voted this as her “Worst Business Moment” as it was extremely “impactful” and it also entertained the participants for the rest of the programme!!

2 thoughts on “The Joy of Business Management Training (or not!)

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