Clocking up Air Miles in the World of Business Management Training

MLR Directors, Margot and Michelle, have spent the past few years clocking up their air miles by travelling to some fantastic places including India, China, the Netherlands, USA, Spain and Portugal. Two of MLR’s linguistic trainers, Alain and Fernanda, have also done their fair share of travelling to Brazil, Portugal, France and Spain to run different MLR training programmes.

We have travelled to these wonderful countries to help businesses develop their selling skills and, in addition, we have been helping to develop local trainers to deliver our key Sales programmes that have been specifically tailored to meet their organisational needs.

Margot, our Director of Training, will be travelling to India again in November to help more people develop their managerial and sales skills and we also have a trip to Argentina in the pipeline for next year. As well as our sales programmes, we also run a number of other events where people come together from all over the world. These events are mainly conducted in English but the venue can be anywhere the client chooses.

Through travelling to different countries, we have encountered a range of cultures and, on occasions, have had to adapt our ways of working to fit in with different environments. In India, the climate can feel very different to the British weather with extremely hot and humid summers. In Southern Europe, the main difference was their approach to time-keeping. In Spain, Alain found that Spanish participants are very happy to work until 8.00pm or later, however, they were less enthusiastic about starting at 9.00am, as their working day usually starts about mid morning. Not many British delegates would appreciate these hours, especially on a Friday evening!

In the US, an early start with a working breakfast was the order of the day, whilst in China it was acceptable for participants – and even the facilitators -to leave mobile phones switched on at all times to make and receive calls whilst training sessions were in progress!

We love travelling to new countries and experiencing new cultures. We are looking forward to going on other new adventures in the not too distant future.

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